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Volume 62 Number 3 Autumn 2007

Written By: admin - Jan• 23•15
Volume 69, Number 14

Volume 62 Number 3 Fall 2007

ISSN 1017-7108

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    The Effect of Age on Children’s Second Language Acquisition: Focusing on Family Influence
    Hak-Sun Han
  • pdf download
    Facilitating Vocabulary Learning with Pictures
    Seong-Yeon Jeong
  • pdf download
    The Study of Second Language Text Comprehension and Measurement Issues
    Euen Hyuk Jung
  • pdf download
    How to Better Serve EFL College Learners in CBI Courses
    AeJin Kang
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    Korean ESL Students’ Ambivalence: Desire to Have and Desire to Avoid Communication with American Friends
    Su-Ja Kang
  • pdf download
    Doing Self-corrections in L2: Interactions between Korean TAs and American Students
    Jeong-Yeon Kim
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    ESL Children’s Second Language Learning through Cooperative Learning
    Myonghee Kim
  • pdf download
    Language Features of Teachers and Learners in the ESL Classroom
    Yoon-Kyu Kim
  • pdf download
    The More Proficient, the Less Native-like in the Production of Relative Clauses
    Il-jae Lee
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    The Effects of Language Learning through a Software Program: The Case of Taiwan EFL Learners
    Chin Min Lin
  • pdf download
    Developing Self-directed Learning and Teaching
    Punahm Park
  • pdf download
    Negotiation of Meaning between an L2 Teacher and Students in Face-to-Face Interactions and CMC
    Young-Sook Shim
  • pdf download
    Input and the Instructor Roles in Online Discussions
    Yoon-kyung Yim
  • pdf download
    Complementarity of Peer and Teacher Feedback in Korean High School English Classes
    Yunkyoung Cho & Taeho Sohn
  • pdf download
    Triangulating Think-alouds and Questionnaires in Reading Strategy Assessment: An Exploratory Study
    Kyoung-Rang Lee & Rebecca Oxford
  • pdf download
    Syntactic and Lexical Variation in Rhetorical Tasks of Low–intermediate EFL College Students
    Sangmin Lee & Namhee Kim

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