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Volume 63 Number 4 Winter 2008

Written By: admin - Jan• 24•15
Volume 69, Number 14

Volume 63 Number 4 Winter 2008

ISSN 1017-7108

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    Factors Affecting Korean Learners’ English Pronunciation and Comprehensibility
    Eunha Hwang
  • pdf download
    Syntactic and Referential Markers Ensuring Objectivity in EFL Essay Writing
    Seon-Yoo Hwang & Myong-Kwan Lee
  • pdf download
    Extensive Reading in a Formal English Reading Class
    Jongmin Jeon
  • pdf download
    First Time in CBI
    Aejin Kang
  • pdf download
    Refusal Semantic Formulas Used by Foreign Language Learners
    Euen Hyuk Sarah Jung & Young Jae Kim
  • pdf download
    Interdiscourse Communication in an Elementary English Classroom
    Young Mi Kim
  • pdf download
    Investigation of Small Group Interaction in a Korean University EFL Classroom
    Myong Hee Ko
  • pdf download
    Task Types and Children’s Participation in the Chat Room
    Young Ihn Koh
  • pdf download
    Processing Modes and Focus on Form Mechanisms for SLA
    Haemoon Lee
  • pdf download
    The Effect of Self-Construal and Argumentativeness on English Writing by Korean College Students
    Hyun-Woo Lim
  • pdf download
    Evaluating an In-service English Teacher Training Program from Multiple Perspectives
    Yoon-Hee Na, Byung-Kyoo Ahn, & Hyung-Sun Kim
  • pdf download
    The Effectiveness of Pretask Activities on Accuracy during Collaborative Dialogue
    Sujung Park
  • pdf download
    Primary School English Teachers’ and Students’ Perspectives on Increased Instructional Hours
    Sung-Yeon Kim, Soyoung Lee, Won-Key Lee, & Jai Hee Lee
  • pdf download
    College students’ experiences of exposure to spoken English: Focusing on the amount of exposure time and types
    Byungmin Lee

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