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Volume 66 Number 1 Spring 2011

Written By: admin - Jan• 27•15
Volume 69, Number 14

Volume 66 Number 1 Spring 2011

ISSN 1017-7108

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    A Review on a Construct of Working Memory and Its Role in L1 and L2 Reading Comprehension
    Eun-jou Oh
  • pdf download
    Prediction of Korean EFL Learners’ English Reading Comprehension Abilities
    Yusun Kang, Yunjeong Choi, Boseuk Lee, & Kyoungoak Nam
  • pdf download
    Effects of Three English Accents on Korean High School Students’ Listening Comprehension and Attitude
    Seunghee Oh
  • pdf download
    The Effectiveness of Repeating Dictogloss in Promoting New Vocabulary Noticing
    Andrew White
  • pdf download
    Korean EFL Learners’ Vocabulary Use in Reading-based Writing: According to Topic and Learner Proficiency
    Sung-Yeon Kim & Young-sook Ryoo
  • pdf download
    Corrective Feedback that an Automatic Writing Evaluation System Can and Cannot Provide
    Tae-Eun Kim
  • pdf download
    The L2 Motivational Self-System and Perceptual Learning Styles of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Swedish Students
    Jin-Suk Yang & Tae-Young Kim
  • pdf download
    The Effects of Time Allocation on Korean College Students’ Performance of Drafted and Timed Essays
    Sang-Keun Shin
  • pdf download
    Research and Practice in Language Teacher Evaluation
    David Hayes, Kyungsuk Chang, & Chanbinn Imm
  • pdf download
    A Frequency Analysis of English Suffixes Based on Corpora
    Jiho Park
  • pdf download
    An Error Analysis of English Conjunctive Adjuncts in Korean College Students’ Writing
    Jung Wan Yoon & Isaiah WonHo Yoo

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