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Volume 65 Number 1 Spring 2010

Written By: admin - Jan• 26•15
Volume 69, Number 14

Volume 65 Number 1 Spring 2010

ISSN 1017-7108

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    Prosody in English Stop Representation by Korean Adult Learners of English
    Hansook Choi
  • pdf download
    Effects of Revision Training on L2 Writing
    Yeon Hee Choi
  • pdf download
    EFL Learners’ Consciousness-Raising through a Corpus-Based Approach
    Shin Chul Hong
  • pdf download
    Communication Strategies in Seventh Grade English Textbooks
    Yujin Kim
  • pdf download
    A Comparison of Reading Comprehension Tests: Multiple-Choice vs. Open-Ended
    Myong Hee Ko
  • pdf download
    Analyzing the Effects of Collaborative Action Research from the Teacher Identity Perspective
    Hyoshin Lee
  • pdf download
    Oral Dialogue Journals: Theory and Implementation in the Classroom
    Don Makarchuk
  • pdf download
    The Importance of English for Korean Postgraduate Engineering Students in the Global Age
    Inyoung Shin
  • pdf download
    The Effects of Prior Knowledge of the Target Form on Noticing during Output Production
    Jeong-Ah Shin

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