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Volume 66 Number 2 Summer 2011

Written By: admin - Jan• 27•15
Volume 69, Number 14

Volume 66 Number 2 Summer 2011

ISSN 1017-7108

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    Learner Uptake and Perception of Recasts
    Ji Hyun Kim
  • pdf download
    Noticing in a Dictogloss Task
    Youngju Han
  • pdf download
    Demotivating and Remotivating Factors in Learning English
    Sook Kyung Jung
  • pdf download
    Corrective Feedback and Language Anxiety in L2 Processing and Achievement
    Sung-Soo Jang
  • pdf download
    Validating the English Learning Anxiety Scale for Primary School Students in Korea
    Su Yon Yim & Ye-Lim Yu
  • pdf download
    Exploring Native Speaker Teachers’ Beliefs about Learning and Teaching English
    Shinhye Kim
  • pdf download
    A Comparison of Constructed Response Formats as Measures of EFL Reading Comprehension
    Jeong-Won Lee
  • pdf download
    Variability in the L2 Acquisition of English Articles
    Taegoo Chung
  • pdf download
    EFL Korean Learners’ Use of Relative Clauses in Both Context-free and Context-rich Situations
    Jaesuk Suh
  • pdf download
    Resolving Discrepant Ratings in Writing Assessments
    Boram Kim
  • pdf download
    Necessary Skills in English for Korean Postgraduate Engineering Students in the Academic Community
    Inyoung Shin
  • pdf download
    Semantic Prosody in Bilingual Dictionaries and EFL Learners’ Sentence Writings
    Shinwoong Lee
  • pdf download
    Investigating the English speaking proficiency level Korean people want to achieve
    Jihyeon Jeon, WonKey Lee, &  Jung-ryeol Kim
  • pdf download
    An analysis of summary writing of English texts written by Korean college freshmen
    Ji Hyun Lee & Hee-Kyung Lee

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