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Volume 67 Number 3 Fall 2012

Written By: admin - Jan• 28•15
Volume 69, Number 14

Volume 67 Number 3 Fall 2012

ISSN 1017-7108

English Teaching publishes quantitative and qualitative research studies and response articles that critically reflect on current practices in our profession in East Asian context. Each issue offers around 10 research studies and response articles.

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    Types of Information in Written Corrective Feedback and Its Efficacy on L2 Acquisition
    Sung-Soo Jang
  • pdf download
    Korean EFL Learners’ Language Development across Proficiency Levels in Written Productions
    Eunkyung Hwang
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    Writing-to-Learn in English: In-Class Timed Writing for Content Learning
    Yo-An Lee
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    L2 Writing Practice as Consciousness-Raising for Korean College Students
    Hyun-Jung Yoo
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    The Relationship of Collocation Competence with Reading and Writing Skills
    Heeyoung Kim & Jungok Bae
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    The Role of Third Turn Repeats in Korean EFL Classrooms
    Yujong Park
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    The Effectiveness of Genre-Based L2 Writing Instruction on Korean Middle School Students’ Writing Ability
    Hye Jeong Bae
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    An Analysis of Referential Use in Korean EFL Learners’ Argumentative Essays
    Yoon-Jung Kim
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    EFL Pre- and In-Service Teachers’ Pragmatic Attitude
    Jae-Suk Suh
  • pdf download
    Critical Reflection on the TEE Certificate System for Secondary School Teachers of English
    Hyoshin Lee
  • pdf download
    Interconnectivity of Quality Drivers: Evaluation of an In-service Teacher Education Program
    Kyungsook Yeum
  • pdf download
    The Effects of Semantic Relatedness on EFL Vocabulary Recall and Retention
    Shinyoung Bak
  • pdf download
    Peer Feedback Using Blended Learning in L2 Writing at the University Level
    Lee So & Chung Hyun Lee
  • pdf download
    Effectiveness of CALL Vocabulary and Silent Sustained Reading on TOEIC Scores
    Scott Miles
  • pdf download
    Needs Analysis and Development of Teaching Materials for Elementary English Underachievers
    Myeonggi Jeong & Jeongryeol Kim

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