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Volume 21 Spring 1981

Written By: admin - Dec• 13•14
Volume 69, Number 14

Volume 21 Spring 1981

ISSN 1017-7108

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    Evaluation of the Retraining Programs for the Teachers of English
    Norbert J. Tracy & S.J.
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    영어교수의 경향에 대하여
    원 경 식
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    Reorientation for English Teaching in Korea
    Won Park
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    한영양어의 어휘의 비교
    박 형 기
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    대뇌반구의 작용과 문형연습
    강 청 일
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    Syntactic Analysis of the Preposition of
    Soon-Bok Kim
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    현재완료형의 의미연구(II)
    이 기 동
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    Current Trends in Language Language Education And Their Role In English Teaching In Korea
    Daniel W. Evans
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    On Teaching Writing
    Barbara R. Mintz
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    One Aspect of Listening Comprehension: Rhythm and Reduced Syllables
    Moneta Prince
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    Humor, a Cultural Factor in Language Learning
    Earl W. Ritchie
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    The Content of an English Language Course
    Gertrude K. Ferrar
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    Conditions for Success in Language Learning:a Foundation for Teaching
    Dwight J. Strawn
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    The State of the E.S.L. Profession in Korea
    Sang-soon Shin
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    What’s Going on in the Classroom?
    Yo-in Song
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    Criticisms on the Objectives
    Shick-mo Hwang
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    The new middle and high School textbooks: Do they Meet the Objectives?
    Lois J.Sauer
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    Panel 4: Teacher Training
    Ke-soon Lee
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    The Problem of the language laboratory
    John H. T. Harvey
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    Multi-Media Approach
    Bo-up Hong

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