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Volume 35 Spring 1988

Written By: admin - Dec• 26•14
Volume 69, Number 14

Volume 35 Spring 1988

ISSN 1017-7108

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    한국 교포사회의 이중언어 문제와 이중언어 정책
    배 양 서
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    교양영어 강독 시험과 평가의 방향
    김 충 배
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    대학 교양영어 프로그램 개발을 위한 제안
    박 상 옥
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    Rationale and Design for Group Instruction for the Development of Communication Skills in English
    Nam-Soon Kim
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    Necessity of English Education in Elementary Schools in Korea
    Jin-Cheol Kim
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    Auditory Comprehension of Time-Altered English and Korean Speech by Korean College Students
    Dong-Bin Jeong
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    The Video Class:A Practical Application
    Frederick Bauer
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    The Benefits and Implications of Computer
    George Bradford Patterson

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