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Volume 69 Number 3 Fall 2014

Written By: admin - Jan• 30•15
Volume 69, Number 14

Volume 69 Number 3 Fall 2014

ISSN 1017-7108

English Teaching publishes quantitative and qualitative research studies and response articles that critically reflect on current practices in our profession in East Asian context. Each issue offers around 10 research studies and response articles.

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    Applying Toulmin: Does Peer Response Play a Role in Korean EFL College Students’ Revision Quality?
    Myung-Hye Huh & Inhwan Lee
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    The Effects of Semantic Clustering on EFL Young Learners’ Vocabulary Learning
    Hee-Jin Jang
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    Effects of Post-reading Instructional Scaffolds on EFL Learners’ Web Quest Writing Performance
    Haesong Lee
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    EFL College Students’ Reactions to Their Writing Teachers’ Corrective Feedback
    Xuelian Liu & Jeong-Won Lee
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    The Effectiveness of Reading Strategy Instruction: A Meta-Analysis
    Unkyoung Maeng
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    Engaging in Computer-mediated Online Feedback in Academic Writing: Voices from L2 Doctoral Students in TESOL
    Dennis Murphy Odo & Youngjoo Yi
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    Exploring the Effects of Tablet PC-based English Learning
    Junil Oh, Hee-Kyung Lee, Myongsu Park, & Yunkyoung Cho

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