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Volume 49 Winter 1994

Written By: admin - Jan• 09•15
Volume 69, Number 14

Volume 49 Winter 1994

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    Coherence in Comprehension,Communication and Language Acquisition
    John W. Oller, Jr.
  • pdf download
    Language, Language Acquisition and Syllabus Design : Some Recent Issues
    David A. Wilkins
  • pdf download
    The Context of College English Instruction
    Christine P. Casanave
  • pdf download
    Teaching Text, Value and Meanings
    David Birch
  • pdf download
    A Method to Identify the Most Important Prosodic Features in EFL
    Hiroshi Suzuki
  • pdf download
    English Language Learning and Early Immersion Effects in Elementary Schools
    Seiji Shibata
  • pdf download
    An Evaluation:Teaching Non-Generic the to University students in Korea
    Hyun-Sook Kim
  • pdf download
    Korean EFL Readers’ Ability to Identify and Recall the Important Information in L2 Text
    Sung-Ae Kim
  • pdf download
    CALL for Improving English Grammar, Writing and speaking Skills
    Soo-Young Choi
  • pdf download
    A Study on Common Factors Affecting Asian Students’ English Oral Interaction
    Mi-Jeong Song
  • pdf download
    A Comparison of Korean and American Refusal Strategies
    Inook Lyuh
  • pdf download
    Matrix Language Assignment In Korean/English Intra-sentential Code-switching
    Jun-Eon Park
  • pdf download
    UG-Accessibility in Second Language Acquisition
    Dami Lee
  • pdf download
    Exploring EFL Classrooms at a korean University
    Thomas S.C. Farrell
  • pdf download
    Interactive Model of Listening and Korean College Students’ Listening Comprehension of English Dialogues and Monologues
    Yeon-Hee Choi

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