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Volume 52 Number 1 Spring 1997

Written By: admin - Jan• 12•15
Volume 69, Number 14

Volume 52 Number 1 Spring 1997

ISSN 1017-7108

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    The Effect of Formal Instruction in English Pronunciation on Korean University Students
    Jeong-Won Lee
  • pdf download
    Developmental and Transfer Factors in English Pronunciation of Korean Elementary School and College Students
    Gyeonghee No
  • pdf download
    A Validity Study of the English Subtest of the College Scholastic Ability Test
    Frederick Bauer
  • pdf download
    Using Movies in Language Classrooms: Rationale and Methods
    R. Jinyoung Shim & M. Jonghak Baik
  • pdf download
    The Use of Diary Studies in Language Teacher Development
    Kyung-Suk Chang
  • pdf download
    Effects of Computer-Assisted Instruction of English Intonation on Korean College Students
    Yeon Hee Choi
  • pdf download
    A Study on Item Writing strategies for English Tests
    Dongwan Cho
  • pdf download
    Communicative Freshman English Teaching Program by Native Speaker Teachers
    Jun-Eon Park
  • pdf download
    Qualitative Theory and Methodology in Research of English Learning
    Myong-won Cho
  • pdf download
    The Current Trends in Research on Language Testing and Their Theoretical Backgrounds
    Young Shik Lee

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