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Volume 52 Number 3 Autumn 1997

Written By: admin - Jan• 12•15
Volume 69, Number 14

Volume 52 Number 3 Fall 1997

ISSN 1017-7108

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    Bringing Culture into the English Classroom
    Yoon-Hee Soh
  • pdf download
    Social Identity and Second Language Acquisition : Implications for English Language Teaching
    Young-ja Lee, Yun-kyung Cha & Michael Kastner
  • pdf download
    Promoting and Developing English Conversation Skills at Tertiary Level
    Tae-duck Hyun & Andrew Edward Finch
  • pdf download
    Qualitative Research in English Language Teaching : Issues of Validity and Reliability
    Thomas S. C. Farrell
  • pdf download
    Korean College ESL Readers’ Metacognitive Awareness and Preferences about Reading in English
    Cheong-Sook Chin
  • pdf download
    Computer Adaptive English Testing
    Jeong-ryeol Kim & Chang-keun Lim
  • pdf download
    A Study of Asian Students’ Responses to Literary Intertextuality
    Paola Trimarco
  • pdf download
    Cloze Test as a Measure of EFL Writing Proficiency
    Soyoung Lee
  • pdf download
    The Development of L2 Syntactic Complexity in Korea(n) ESL Students’ Spoken and Written Narrative (D)iscourse
    Jonghyeon Woo
  • pdf download
    Improving the Measurement of English Language Ability with Computerixed Adaptive Language Tests
    Ok hee Moon
  • pdf download
    Open English Education in Elementary Schools
    Yong Suk Kim
  • pdf download
    Activation, of Schematic and Structural Knowledge for Listening and Comprehensible Input
    Ji Young Nam
  • pdf download
    The Schwa Phenomenon in English Vowels
    Soo-Woong Ahn
  • pdf download
    Effects of Episodically Connected Discourse Test Method on Listening Comprehension Test
    Inn-Chull Choi
  • pdf download
    Materials Development for English for Specific Purposes:Applying Genre Analysis to EFL Pedagogy
    Judy Noguchi

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