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Volume 52 Number 4 Winter 1997

Written By: admin - Jan• 12•15
Volume 69, Number 14

Volume 52 Number 4 Winter 1997

ISSN 1017-7108

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    Grammaticality Judgment Tests: How Reliable and Valid Are They?
    Youngju Han
  • pdf download
    Cross-cultural Translation Errors
    Yongjae Choe
  • pdf download
    A Balanced Approach to Second Language Writing:Focus on Product and Process Variables
    Jin-Wan Kim
  • pdf download
    Evaluation of Current Research on Language Learning Strategies
    Gi-Pyo Park
  • pdf download
    Toward an Effective Method for In-service Elementary School Teacher Training Programs
    Yung Suk Jung
  • pdf download
    Integrating Culture into Communicative English Teaching
    Joo-kyung Park
  • pdf download
    Korea’s English Teacher Training and Retraining : A New History in the Making
    Oryang Kwon
  • pdf download
    Implementation of an Experimental Educational TQM Project in a Mandatory University EFL Program
    Soon-bok Kim
  • pdf download
    Characteristics of Dysfluency Markers, Sentence Complexity and Language Planning in L2 Production
    Chul Joo Uhm
  • pdf download
    A Survey of Parents’ Perspectives on Teaching English in the Elementary School
    Myung-Hee Kim
  • pdf download
    Multimedia Language Learning Laboratory
    Sung-Uk Keem
  • pdf download
    A Study of Fast, English Listening Abilities for Korean Students
    Seokyo Song
  • pdf download
    Application of a Multidimensional IRT Model in Understanding TOEFL Listening Test Data
    Dongil Shin
  • pdf download
    A Study of English Teaching : Facilities and Curriculum Development
    Seikyung Cho, Sung-Chul Moon & Kang-Hyuk Lee
  • pdf download
    A Comparative Study on Korean and Non-Korean English Teachers’ Opinions about elementary school English
    Haedong Kim, Kyung-Soon Boo & Chong-Ja Kwon
  • pdf download
    A Survey of Divided Usages in English
    Soon-Shin Kim
  • pdf download
    Assesing the Teaching of English Pronunciation in Korea Through a perception Experiment : With Reference to Three Front Vowels
    Seung-Jae Moon
  • pdf download
    A Study for the Development of Competent English Teachers in Elementary Schools
    Kwang-su Kim, Duck-gyu Kim & Seungbok Lee
  • pdf download
    The Effects of Whole Language Teaching on the Development of Korean EFL Learners’ Oral Proficiency
    Haeng Jung

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