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Volume 54 Number 1 Spring 1999

Written By: admin - Jan• 14•15
Volume 69, Number 14

Volume 54 Number 1 Spring 1999

ISSN 1017-7108

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    The Effect of Strategy Instruction on Listening Comprehension
    Gi-Pyo Park
  • pdf download
    An Analysis of Classroom Discourse in Adult ESL Classrooms
    Deok-Jae Park
  • pdf download
    College English Textbooks: An Analysis of Their Cultural Content
    Yunhwa Pak
  • pdf download
    The Place of Grammar in English Composition
    Yoon Hee Soh
  • pdf download
    The Acquisition of English Prepositions within the Theoretical Framework of Universal Grammar
    In-Seok Kim & Ik-Sang Kim
  • pdf download
    Learning Centers in Individualized English Program in Middle Schools
    Youngeun Kang
  • pdf download
    Models and Methods for Teaching English to Third Graders in the Elementary EFL Classroom
    Young-Hyun Kim
  • pdf download
    A Study of the Implementation of an Intensive Language Course
    Young-Ye Park
  • pdf download
    A Comparative Study on Polite Expressions and Meaning in English
    Jin-ok Hong
  • pdf download
    A Desirable Curriculum Model for Korean Open Universities’ Freshmen English and English Department Programs
    Dong-Ok Kim, Dae-soo Jung, Soonreal Chang, & Chul Joo Uhm/div>
  • pdf download
    The Development of Effective English Teaching Methods for the Industrial University
    Kyung-Hee Suh, Moon-Sook Pai, Jae-Keun Yoo, & Jung-Sook Park
  • pdf download
    Teaching Cultural Aspects in Primary English Education
    WonKey Lee & Kyungwhan Cha

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