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Volume 55 Number 4 Winter 2000

Written By: admin - Jan• 16•15
Volume 69, Number 14

Volume 55 Number 4 Winter 2000

ISSN 1017-7108

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    Teachers’ Beliefs about Communicative Language Teaching and their Classroom Teaching Practices
    Seonghee Choi
  • pdf download
    Writing in the Elementary English Classroom:From the Teachers’ Perspectives
    jae-Young Choi
  • pdf download
    Does Sentence Acceptability Play a Role in L2 Replication?
    Hyun-Sook Chung & Hyunkee Ahn
  • pdf download
    Are Young Learners More Sensitive to UG? A Longitudinal Study of Early EFL Syntax
    Hyun-ryeong Hahn
  • pdf download
    Non-Native English Speaker’s Interlingual Developemental Features
    Hae-Young Han
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    Compliments and Responses to Compliments: The Reflection of Culture
    Soon-Kyo Lim
  • pdf download
    Enhancing cultural Understanding: An Instructional Model
    Sung-Ae Kim
  • pdf download
    The Effect of Age and Language Input on ESL Learners Pragmatic Competence
    In-Ok Kim
  • pdf download
    Reading Models Revisited: Are We going Back to Bottom-up Models?
    Jeong-Won Lee
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    Development of the Progressive Form in English and Pedagogical Implications
    Gyeonghee No
  • pdf download
    Peer Pressure and Learning to Speak English Voices from the Selected Learners
    Chongwon Park
  • pdf download
    Small Group Dynamics in Learning English: What Matters?
    Yoon-Hee Soh
  • pdf download
    The Relationship between English Learning Environment and TOEFL Scores
    In-Sook Kil
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    Experimental Study on ESL Learning with Technology
    Young-Suh Kim
  • pdf download
    Methodological Changes in TEFL Research in Korea and New Directions for the Future
    Jin-Wan Kim
  • pdf download
    A Study of the Teaching of Reading English as a Foreign Language in Korea
    Heshim Song
  • pdf download
    The Relationship between Attitudes and Proficiency in Learning English
    Hyo Woong Lee & Junil Oh
  • pdf download
    The Development of an English Learning Program based on MOO Activities
    Sei-Kyung Cho

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