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Volume 55 Number 2 Summer 2000

Written By: admin - Jan• 16•15
Volume 69, Number 14

Volume 55 Number 2 Summer 2000

ISSN 1017-7108

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    The Role of Prior Knowledge in Second Language Listening Comprehension
    Hyun-Sook Chung
  • pdf download
    Competition Model and Korean Learners’ Acquisition of English Psych Verbs
    Jong-Bai Hwang
  • pdf download
    Communication Strategies: Their Use and Instruction
    Woo-Hyun Jung
  • pdf download
    The Effect of Computer-mediated Communication on Subsequent Small Group’s Discussion
    Yong-Suk Kim
  • pdf download
    Practical Classroom Assessment and the Assessment of English Production Skills
    Young-ja Lee
  • pdf download
    Reanalysis on Vowel Epenthesis in Korean-accented English
    Jin-young Tak
  • pdf download
    The 21st Century English Curriculum at College Level: An Optimal of Three-stage Collaborative Cyber and Classroom Class and its Realities
    Soonbok Kim
  • pdf download
    The Critical Period Hypothesis in Language Acquisition
    Gi-Pyo Park
  • pdf download
    Developing Marker Training for EFL Writing Assessment
    Young Shik Lee
  • pdf download
    Development of English Oral Preoficiency Test Through SOPI and Analysis of the Results
    Haeng Jung
  • pdf download
    Development of Performance Assessment Methods and Tools for Elementary School English based on the Seventh National Curriculum
    Kyoung-Seok Ko, Hye-Ryun Kim, & Kyung-Soon Boo
  • pdf download
    A Study of the Immersion Approach to Elementary School English Education
    Kyu-hyun Kim, Kyung-Hee Suh, & Yong-Yae Park
  • pdf download
    On the Issue of Test Specifications in the Development of a Criterion-referenced Achievement Test
    Dongil Shin & Dongwan Cho
  • pdf download
    Learning of English Dative Structures by Korean College Students and the Operation of Learning Principles
    Dong-Han Lee & Jong-seok Ok
  • pdf download
    The Development of Computeried Adaptive Testing(CAT) for English Language Learners
    Kyung-Ae Jin, Jae-Keun Lee, & WonKey Lee

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