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Volume 55 Number 1 Spring 2000

Written By: admin - Jan• 16•15
Volume 69, Number 14

Volume 55 Number 1 Spring 2000

ISSN 1017-7108

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    Comparison of Effectiveness Between Using Formal and Informal English for Strengthening Listening Comprehension Skills
    Yang-don Ju
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    A Study on Language Learning Anxiety and Goal Orientation: Their Relationship Across Different Classroom Contexts
    Sung-Yeon Kim
  • pdf download
    Korea’s English Education Policy Changes in the 1990s: Innovations to Gear the Nation for the 21st Century
    Oryang Kwon
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    Formative Evaluation of College General English Program
    Hwaja Lee
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    The Nature of Peer Revisions in an EFL Writing Class of a Korean University
    Young-in Moon
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    The Effect of Question Presentation and Question Type on Listening Comprehension
    Gi-Pyo Park
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    The Use of the Internet to Raise the Target Language Index
    Gyunggu Shin
  • pdf download
    The Impact of Diglot reader Method on Vocabulary Acquisition
    Yang-Soo Jung
  • pdf download
    A Study of Impediments in Listening to English News Broadcasts
    Kyung-Whan Cha

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