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Volume 56 Number 2 Summer 2001

Written By: admin - Jan• 17•15
Volume 69, Number 14

Volume 56 Number 2 Summer 2001

ISSN 1017-7108

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    Organizational Patterns of the Requestive Email by Korean English Speakers
    Eun-Mi Yang
  • pdf download
    The Effect of Social Cognitive Ability on English Writing by English Proficiency Level
    Hoyeol Ryu
  • pdf download
    Retrospective Miscue Analysis for ESL Students
    Sang Kyeom Lee
  • pdf download
    The Acquisition of English Onglides by EFL Students in Korea
    Mi-Hui Cho & Mae-Ran Park, & Shinsook Lee
  • pdf download
    Error Analysis: An Investigation of Spoken Errors of Korean EFL Learners
    Cheongsook Chin
  • pdf download
    GENOVA and FACETS Analysis of an English Writing Test: Tasks, Raters, and Scales
    Yeon Hee Choi
  • pdf download
    Computer Training to Improve Word Recognition and Reading Speed
    Everette Busbee
  • pdf download
    Interlanguage Grammar of Korean EFL Learners: A Cross-sectional Study on the Phrase Structure Development
    Jung-Sun Shin
  • pdf download
    English Language Teaching System Change to Enhance the Social Justice and the Efficiency of the National Economy
    Gyonggu Shin
  • pdf download
    A Study on the Listening and Speaking Activities in the Middle School English Textbooks
    Eun-ju Kim
  • pdf download
    The Effects of Linguistic Ability, Background Knowledge, and Question Types on EFL Listening Comprehension Ability
    Gi-Pyo Park
  • pdf download
    The Effects of Processed-based Feedback on the Development of English Writing proficiency
    Jeongwon Lee & Young-ju Hong
  • pdf download
    A Study on a Web-based English Composition Class
    Dongwan Cho
  • pdf download
    Revising and ACTFL-SOPI Formatted Speaking Test in Korea
    Dongil Shin
  • pdf download
    Some Comprehensive Suggestions for the Improvement of the College Scholastic Abilities Test
    Jae Hee Lee
  • pdf download
    Self-Assessment for Communicative English Language Learning
    Jihyeon Jeon
  • pdf download
    Acquisition of the English Article through Grammar Consciousness-raising
    Heysook Park

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