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Volume 56 Number 1 Spring 2001

Written By: admin - Jan• 17•15
Volume 69, Number 14

Volume 56 Number 1 Spring 2001

ISSN 1017-7108

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    Towards Innovative Reading Instruction in English Classrooms: A Study of Middle School Students
    Jeongsoon Joh & Seonghee Choi
  • pdf download
    The Role of L2 Proficiency in L2 Reading: The Threshold Model Revisited
    Mi-Jeong Song
  • pdf download
    A Preliminary evaluation of the Elementary School English Program in Korea
    Hyo woong Lee & Mae-Ran Park
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    Effective Teaching Strategies for Non-Native English Instructors
    Hae-Young Han
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    Suggestions for the Re-organization of English Teaching Program by Native Speakers in Korea
    Yongson Choi
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    The Influence of L1 on English Tense and Aspect Acquisition
    Shin-Hye Kim
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    The Conversational Use of But
    Yong-Yae Park
  • pdf download
    A Survey of Instruments in Interlanguage Pragmatics
    Jaesuk Suh
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    The Computer and the Internet: Are They Really Destined to Play a Major Role in English Teaching?
    Everette Busbee

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