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Volume 57 Number 1 Spring 2002

Written By: admin - Jan• 18•15
Volume 69, Number 14

Volume 57 Number 1 Spring 2002

ISSN 1017-7108

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    A Structured Curriculum in Language Teaching: Opportunities for Controlling the Learning Process
    John H. A. I. de Jong
  • pdf download
    The Role of the First Language in the Second Language Classroom: Friend or Foe
    Gillian Wigglesworth
  • pdf download
    The Role of Assessment in Teaching Communication in a Foreign Language Context
    Kari Smith
  • pdf download
    Constructionism and Motivational Use of Technology for EFL Teachers
    Stephen Carey
  • pdf download
    L1 and L2 Readers’ Meaning Construction in a Literary Text
    Young Mi Kim
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    The Effect of Topic Interest on Dictionary Use and Vocabulary Learning
    Seongwon Lee
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    The Self-Efficacy Model of Language Learning Strategy and EFL Reading Achievement
    Soonai Ham
  • pdf download
    Teachers’ Perceptions about Teaching English Through English
    Sung-Yeon Kim
  • pdf download
    The Effects of Dictogloss: A Technique of Focus on Form
    Kyunghee Yeo
  • pdf download
    Analysis of Interaction Patterns of English Learners in a Literature Study Setting
    Kyeong-Hee Rha
  • pdf download
    L2 Learners’ Anxiety and Motivation in an English-Only Content-Based Class
    Jong-Bai Hwang
  • pdf download
    An Analysis of Test-Taking Strategies for the Cloze
    Jeong-Won Lee
  • pdf download
    Procedures for the Selection of a Textbook: A University General English Course
    Hae-Dong Kim

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