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Volume 58 Number 4 Winter 2003

Written By: admin - Jan• 19•15
Volume 69, Number 14

Volume 58 Number 4 WInter 2003

ISSN 1017-7108

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    Diagnosing English Achievement Levels of Korean Elementary School Students
    Jai Hee Lee
  • pdf download
    The reliability and validity of TOEIC
    Hyo-Woong Lee & Gi-Pyo Park
  • pdf download
    Comparative Analysis of the Small Group Activities in High School English Textbooks
    Jung-Won Hahn
  • pdf download
    Developing performance criteria for NNS English Teachers’Teaching of English : From the perspective of ESP
    Dongil Shin
  • pdf download
    Individualized Teacher-Student Interaction in EFL Writing Class : Action Research
    Kyung-Mi O
  • pdf download
    Intercultural Communication Through Drama in Teaching English as an International Language
    Yoon-Jeong Choi
  • pdf download
    Teaching Spelling Pronunciation of English Vowels to Korean Learners in Relation to Phonetic Differences
    Insun Kang
  • pdf download
    Individual Differences in Motivation with Regard to Reactions to ELT Materials
    Hae-Dong Kim
  • pdf download
    The Acquisition Process of Yes/No-questions by ESL Learners and Its Pedagogical Implications
    Jin-Kyong Lee
  • pdf download
    An Investigation into the Collocational Competence of Korean High School EFL Learners
    Nahk-Bohk Kim
  • pdf download
    Effects of Task Processing Conditions on the Oral Output of Post Beginners in a Narrative Task
    Jeong-Weon Song
  • pdf download
    Effects of Free Reading on Vocabulary Competence in the First and Second Language
    Haeyoung Kim
  • pdf download
    Dialogue Journal Writing Through a Literature-Based Approach in an EFL Setting
    Hae-Ri Kim
  • pdf download
    An Analysis of Korean High School English Textbooks under the 7th Curriculum
    Mae-Ran Park & Kang-Oak Suh
  • pdf download
    Using Mail Talk to Improve English Speaking Skills
    Jeong-ryeol Kim
  • pdf download
    Korean ESL Learners’Experiences in Computer Assisted Classroom Discussions
    Shinwoong Lee

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