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Volume 58 Number 2 Summer 2003

Written By: admin - Jan• 19•15
Volume 69, Number 14

Volume 58 Number 2 Summer 2003

ISSN 1017-7108

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    An Investigation into the Continuity of Elementary and Middle School English Education through Classroom Observations and Interviews
    Kyung-soon Boo, Won Key Lee, Jeong-Won Lee, & Yeon Hee Choi
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    An Analysis of Implementation of the 7th English Curriculum in Elementary Schools
    Young Ye Park
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    Effects of the Training of Listening Strategies on Korean High School Students’ English Listening Ability
    Jeong-Won Lee & Min-Chul Cho
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    A Comparative Study on the Undergraduate Curriculum of English-rated Departments in Korea and non-English Speaking Countries
    Byungmin Lee
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    The Relationship Between Vocabulary Learning and Motivation in Korean Primary School EFL Classrooms
    Dong-Ho Kang
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    Parameter Invariance for Males and Females on an English Listening Comprehension Test
    Tae-Il Pae
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    A Promising Practice for Advancing Korean Students’ Literacy: Using Dialogue Journals for Reading Courses
    Minjong Song
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    Comparing Self-Instruction Material with the Standard Form of Reading Instruction in Korea
    Robert Palmer
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    Applying Woodward’s Loop Input to Designing In-Service Language Teacher Training Sessions
    Kyung-Suk Chang
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    Discussion Ability Development Between CMC Group and Non CMC Group
    Sun-mi Hong
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    Small Group Work in Lower-Level Adult Classrooms: A Study of the Inner Mechanism
    Hye-ryeong Hahn

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