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Volume 58 Number 1 Spring 2003

Written By: admin - Jan• 19•15
Volume 69, Number 14

Volume 58 Number 1 Spring 2003

ISSN 1017-7108

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    An Analysis of Listening Activities in Korean Middle School English Textbooks
    kyung-Whan Cha
  • pdf download
    What Caused Misunderstanding During Storytelling and How It Was Resolved: A Case Study
    Jung-Min Ko
  • pdf download
    Parsing Strategies in L2 Sentence Processing: A Study of PP Attachment in English
    Soo-Ok Kweon
  • pdf download
    Free voluntary Reading: Cross-linguistic Impact of Parental Reading Behavior on Children’s English
    Yul Kang
  • pdf download
    A Combination of CMC and FFC: Its Effects on Korean Students’ Oral Proficiency and Attitudes
    Sung_Yeon Kim
  • pdf download
    Self-efficancy of Korean EFL Writing Instructors and Its Relationship with Their Feedback to Students
    Mi-Kyung Kim
  • pdf download
    The Relationship Between Gender and the Processing Skills in L2 Vocabulary Identification
    Hyun-Sook Chung & HyunKee Ahn
  • pdf download
    An Investigation of Learning Relative Clauses: Talking a Psychological Approach
    Jaesuk Suh
  • pdf download
    The Role of Formulaic Expressions in Wh-question Development in EFL Contexts
    Jin-kyoung Lee
  • pdf download
    Teaching Implications of Korean Tertiary Student Use of Compensation Strategies
    Douglas P. Margolis
  • pdf download
    Intelligibility and English Pronunciation in Elementary Schools
    Gyeonghee No
  • pdf download
    An Analysis of Primary School ESL Teacher’s Talk
    Seungbok Lee
  • pdf download
    Learners, Values, and FL Education in the 21st Century
    Rosamond Mitchell
  • pdf download
    Teaching Materials: Questioning the Underlying Philosophy
    Peter Grundy
  • pdf download
    Underlying Philosophies of English Language Education in Australia
    Brian Paltridge
  • pdf download
    Why Youngkyu Can’t Read
    Richard R. Day

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