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Volume 59 Number 4 Winter 2004

Written By: admin - Jan• 20•15
Volume 69, Number 14

Volume 59 Number 4 Winter 2004

ISSN 1017-7108

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    A Comparison of English Proficiency of Korean, Japanese and Chinese High Schol Students
    Oryang Kwon, Kensaku Yoshida, Yoshinori Watanabe, Masashi Negishi, & Naoyuk Naganuma
  • pdf download
    A Model of English Teacher Evaluation for Professional Development
    Byung-Man Jeon, Kyung-Suk Chang, & Choo-Won Park
  • pdf download
    A Comparative Analysis of Research Methodology and Orientation in TEFL in Korea and Around the World
    Jin-Wan Kim
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    From Qualitative to Quantitative Continuum : Exploring the Possibility with the Aid of the CAQDAS (Nvivo 2)
    Chongwon Park
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    The Relationship between Motivation and Intercultural Sensitivity in English Achievement
    Kyung Ja Kim
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    Exploring ESL Students’ Emotional Learning Experiences in Different Interactive Contexts
    Kyungsun Han
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    A Study on English Reading Test-taking Strategies
    Jeong-Won Lee
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    Constraints on Variation Observed in Past Marking by Korean Learners of English
    Hyeon-Seok Kang
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    The Effects of Vocabulary Preteaching and Providing Background Knowledge on L2 Reading Comprehension
    Gi-Pyo Park
  • pdf download
    The Role of Interaction in Child L2 Acquisition
    Hyesook Park
  • pdf download
    A Factor Analytic Study of English Language Anxiety: The Case of Korean University EFL Learners
    Youngsang Kim
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    Content Course Design Using Online Manuals: Meeting Specialized Student Needs Without Writing the Textbook
    Everette Busbee
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    A Corpus-Based Analysis of the Korean EFL Learners
    Eun-Joo Lee
  • pdf download
    Korean EFL Students’ Opinion on Cultural Instruction: A Survey on Korean Graduate Students
    Young-Ihn Koh
  • pdf download
    Captioned Cinderella
    Myongsu Park
  • pdf download
    The Effect of Interesting Details on Korean College EFL Reading Comprehension
    Sung-Hyun Song
  • pdf download
    Comparison of Grading Task Between ESL and Field Raters on Content-Field Essays
    Hee-Kyung Lee

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