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Volume 59 Number 2 Summer 2004

Written By: admin - Jan• 20•15
Volume 69, Number 14

Volume 59 Number 2 Summer 2004

ISSN 1017-7108

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    Look Who’s Talking?
    Sunmee Chang
  • pdf download
    Marking Temporal Expressions: Acquisition of the Lexical Aspect by Adult Korean Learners of English
    Jayeon Lim
  • pdf download
    EFL Learners’ Vocabulary Development in the Real World: Interests and Preferences
    Cheongsook Chin
  • pdf download
    Exploring Reading and Writing Connection: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach
    Jaewoo Shim
  • pdf download
    Effects of Text Types and Tasks on Korean College Students
    Eunsil Chun
  • pdf download
    The Relationship Between the Ability to Read Aloud and Reading Comprehension in Beginning EFL Reading
    Jung-Sook Kim
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    Contrasting Task Structuring Practices in Two ESL Classrooms
    Eun-Jeong Kim
  • pdf download
    A Comparison of the Efficacy Between Input-based Instruction and Output-based Instruction in Focus on Form
    Miran Yang
  • pdf download
    A Study on Comparability of Paper-based and Computer-based Reading Test Scores
    Soyoung Lee
  • pdf download
    An Intergrated Approach to a College Freshmen English Course: A Case Study of the College English Program at Seoul National University
    Mi-jeong Song & Yong-Yae Park
  • pdf download
    The effects of English listening comprehension strategy training on Korean EFL learners
    Dongkyoo Kim
  • pdf download
    The Impact of Collegian Mentoring on English Learning of Secondary Students
    Kilryoung Lee & Myeongshik Hwang
  • pdf download
    The Effects of Personality Type and Gender on Strategy Use and English Achievement Level
    Seongwon Lee & Eunji Lee
  • pdf download
    An Analysis of “Let’s Play” Activities, in the 6th Grade Textbook of the 7th National English Curriculum
    Young-Ye Park & Jungsam Kim
  • pdf download
    An Analytic Look at Descriptive Reporting in Elementary School English Performative Assessment
    Jeong-ryeol Kim, Jiyeo Yun, & Youngmi Kim
  • pdf download
    Why Not Moderate-High?: Rating Issues in EFL Speaking Assessment
    Dongil Shin
  • pdf download
    English Language Policy in Australia
    David E. Ingram

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