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Volume 60 Number 3 Autumn 2005

Written By: admin - Jan• 21•15
Volume 69, Number 14

Volume 60 Number 3 Fall 2005

ISSN 1017-7108

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    An Analysis of Cross-cultural Practices of Communicative Functions
    Jeong-ryeol Kim
  • pdf download
    Factors Related to the Difficulty of College Scholastic Ability Test English Items
    Kyung-Ae Jin & Chung Park
  • pdf download
    A Comparative Study of the National English Curricula of Korea, China and Japan: Educational Policies and Practices in the Teaching of English
    Eun-Ju Kim & Jihyeon Jeon
  • pdf download
    The Effect of Elementary School English Education on Korean High School Students’ English Abilities
    Oryang Kwon
  • pdf download
    Peer-assisted Learning: Implications for Content-based English Classes
    Sung-Yeon Kim
  • pdf download
    Peer Feedback Interactions in EFL Compositions: Written Feedback versus Oral Feedback
    JaeSuk Suh
  • pdf download
    Task-Processing Conditions as Influences on Spoken Language Performance
    Jeong-Weon Song
  • pdf download
    A Content Analysis of Korean Adolescent EFL Conversation Textbooks Regarding Their Treatment of Culture
    Kang-Young Lee
  • pdf download
    How to Implement an Interpretive Qualitative Study: Via Exploring Graduate Students’ CMC Discourse Practice
    Yoon-Hee Na
  • pdf download
    Validity of Self- and Peer-ratings in an EFL Essay-writing Test
    Ho Lee
  • pdf download
    Teachers’ Perceived Success and Difficulty in Theme-based Instruction in an English Conversation Program
    Myong Hee Ko
  • pdf download
    Introducing Reading for Young EFL Learners: Issues and Perspectives
    Young-Ah Lee
  • pdf download
    English Education Based upon Bilingualism
    Zhen Ai Zhang

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