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Volume 61 Number 3 Autumn 2006

Written By: admin - Jan• 22•15
Volume 69, Number 14

Volume 61 Number 3 Fall 2006

ISSN 1017-7108

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    The Correlation between Test-taking Strategy Use and Reading Comprehension Test
    Eunkyong Haam
  • pdf download
    Exploring Korean EFL University Students’ Perceptions of Grammar Instruction
    Jung-Won Hahn
  • pdf download
    An Investigation of Language Learning Strategies of Bilingual Korean-Chinese University Students
    Kyungsim Hong-Nam
  • pdf download
    Needs Analysis of 6th-9th Graders at an English Writing Camp – English Writing Proficiency and Needs on English Writing
    Jimin Kahng
  • pdf download
    Effects of Korean Students’ Contextual and Lexical Knowledge on L2 Text Comprehension
    Hyoung il Kim
  • pdf download
    Rater Reliability in L2 Oral Proficiency Tests
    Hyun-Ju Kim
  • pdf download
    Instructional Methods for Teaching Writing in ESL Contexts
    Tae-Eun Kim
  • pdf download
    A Case Study of University-level Immersion: One Class for Two Goals
    Haemoon Lee
  • pdf download
    A Synthesis of Research on the Effects of Typographical Visual Input Enhancement
    Sang-Ki Lee
  • pdf download
    Speaking Proficiency of Non-native English Teachers: Constructing Multiple Utterances
    Yo-An Lee
  • pdf download
    The Effect of Differential Feedback on Writing Accuracy of L2 College Students
    Jee Hyun Ma
  • pdf download
    Phonemic Awareness through Modified Phonics Instruction to Korean Adult EFL Learners
    Ki-Yeon Nam
  • pdf download
    The Effects of Gender and Academic Backgrounds on the Structural Model of English Achievement
    Tae-Il Pae
  • pdf download
    Rhetorical Patterns in Korean College Students’ English Expository Writings
    Hoyeol Ryu
  • pdf download
    Construct Validity of Listening Test Items: A Verbal Protocol Study
    Sang-Keun Shin
  • pdf download
    Are L2 Readers Susceptible to Interesting Details in a Text?
    Sunghyun Song

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