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Volume 61 Number 2 Summer 2006

Written By: admin - Jan• 22•15
Volume 69, Number 14

Volume 61 Number 2 Summer 2006

ISSN 1017-7108

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    An Analysis of References in the Articles in English Teaching
    Kyung Suk Kim
  • pdf download
    A Proposal for the Successful Implementation of Differentiated English Classes: With Focus on the Teacher Variable
    Sang Ok Park
  • pdf download
    Interactive Pair Work in Grammar-discovery Tasks: Focus on Form and Mutual Scaffolding
    Young-Ju Han
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    Application and Effectiveness of the Integrated On/off-line Community-based Project Learning to an Elementary School English Classroom
    Jeong-ryeol Kim & Soojin Choi
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    Vocabulary Notebooks: Attitudes and Acquisition in an Adult Context
    Don Makarchuk
  • pdf download
    A Study on Korean High School Students” Use of Vocabulary Learning Strategies
    Seongwon Lee & Miok Min
  • pdf download
    Teachers’ Opinions on Criteria for ELT Materials Evaluation and Development
    Hae-Dong Kim
  • pdf download
    Teaching English Grammar Editing of Narratives to ESL Students by Using Grammar Clusters in Written Discourse
    Kwang Hyun Kim
  • pdf download
    Features of First Language Transfer in Korean Speakers’ Production of English /l/
    Bo-Young Kwon

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