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Volume 61 Number 2 Summer 2006

Written By: admin - Jan• 22•15
Volume 69, Number 14

Volume 61 Number 2 Summer 2006

ISSN 1017-7108

English Teaching publishes quantitative and qualitative research studies and response articles that critically reflect on current practices in our profession in East Asian context. Each issue offers around 10 research studies and response articles.

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    An Analysis of References in the Articles in English Teaching
    Kyung Suk Kim
  • pdf download
    A Proposal for the Successful Implementation of Differentiated English Classes: With Focus on the Teacher Variable
    Sang Ok Park
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    Interactive Pair Work in Grammar-discovery Tasks: Focus on Form and Mutual Scaffolding
    Young-Ju Han
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    Application and Effectiveness of the Integrated On/off-line Community-based Project Learning to an Elementary School English Classroom
    Jeong-ryeol Kim & Soojin Choi
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    Vocabulary Notebooks: Attitudes and Acquisition in an Adult Context
    Don Makarchuk
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    A Study on Korean High School Students” Use of Vocabulary Learning Strategies
    Seongwon Lee & Miok Min
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    Teachers’ Opinions on Criteria for ELT Materials Evaluation and Development
    Hae-Dong Kim
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    Teaching English Grammar Editing of Narratives to ESL Students by Using Grammar Clusters in Written Discourse
    Kwang Hyun Kim
  • pdf download
    Features of First Language Transfer in Korean Speakers’ Production of English /l/
    Bo-Young Kwon

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